The pandemic has left a lot of people without jobs. If you're one of those people and you're ready to get back to work, Spectrum might have a job for you.

Spectrum is looking to find hard workers at the drive-through hiring event that they're holding tomorrow. They've got 150 jobs to fill and are hoping that you might fit in nicely to one of them.

As you know, big in-person job fairs have become a thing of the past this year.  However, just because we can't gather as a group doesn't mean that you can't meet prospective employers. That's why these drive-through events have become so popular. They're safe for the job candidate and the people who are doing the hiring. They're quick, they're safe, and they help get people working again.

According to WKBW, Spectrum is hoping to fill up to 150 customer service representative positions at its call center in Cheektowaga. The event will take place at the Appletree Business Park on Union Road from noon to 5. They ask that you bring an updated resume. The interview process will follow virtually.

For more info on the hiring event tomorrow and to keep an eye on future employment opportunities, click here. You'll be able to see some testimonials from other people who are currently employees at Spectrum and see a list of new jobs that they have available across the country.

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There's no question that people have begun using Spectrum and other cable and internet service providers since the pandemic began. With so many people working from home and trying to find new ways to find entertainment, Spectrum might just be a perfect fit for you.


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