$4 million in fines have been collected by New York State by the automatic speeding cameras in New York State.

The initiatives went into effect with a few cameras earlier this year to help keep workers safer in work zones. The threshold is 10 miles per hour over the limit; that's when the cameras will detect 'speeding'. If you get 'caught' by one of the cameras speeding, you will get the ticket via mail within 14 days. Here is what the fines are currently:

  • First Violation: $50 fine
  • Second Violation: $75 fine if within an 18-month period of first violation
  • Third and Subsequent Violations: $100 fine if within an 18-month period of first violation

A total of 30 speed violation monitoring programs are positioned in work zones – 20 on NYSDOT maintained roads, and 10 on the Thruway. These are mobile units and the locations change weekly. Under the program, all vehicles detected violating the posted speed limit within a work zone by over an established threshold will be fined", according to Jessica Mazurowski,  the

Public Information Officer for the NYS Thruway Authority.


How much money have people in New York State been fined?

According to the Rochester-based Democrat & Chronicle:

As of Jan. 26, the Thruway Authority has collected $1.81 million in fines and as of Nov. 22, DOT has collected $2.85 million.


There have been tons of New Yorkers who have not paid yet either, according to New York State. "Almost 7,500 payments related to violations on the Thruway have yet to be paid as of late January, resulting in $114,600 in outstanding late fees."

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