If you grew up playing with Barbies and always wanted to spend a night in her dream house, now you can!

For the first time, ever "Barbie" is giving you a chance to stay in her life-size dream house
through AirBnb.

You can spend 3 days and 2 nights in this life-size replica dream house located in the heart of Malibu!

For the first time ever, my Barbie™ Malibu Dreamhouse is on Airbnb! Available for a one-time, two-night stay, but I promise the memories will last a lifetime. Booking opens at 11:00am PDT on October 23, so set your alarm to book your stay from October 27 - October 29. Remember, this is a once in a lifetime chance, which means the Dreamhouse will only be booked once. My Dreamhouse is the perfect place to be inspired and learn new things. I hope it will feel like your Dreamhouse, too.


It will cost you $60 a night to stay at the Dreamhouse and it will be booked on a first come first serve basis, and only one rental is being allowed!

Booking opens on October 23rd at 2 pm Eastern Time.


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