Spring isn't here officially until Sunday, but everyone is enjoying the warmer temperatures around New York State this week.

Spring is always a fun time for because it's the first time in months that we can get out of the house and have outdoor activities, patio dining and all kinds of other things.

Planting gardens and enjoying nature is another thing, but there is at least one bug to be weary of this spring and summer in New York State, because of how invasive it is towards plantation.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation shared the news of the Gypsy Moth getting a new name, as it will now be called the Spongy Moth. This is because of its previous name being a derogatory term towards Romani people.

The Spongy Moth will likely make its presence known again this year in New York State and you're asked to knock off any eggs that you might see on trees or plants and report it to the DEC.

This is when the bugs make their return to backyards, front porches and everything in between, including inside homes, so always be weary of these bugs if you see any pop up.

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