Why are all of the new reporters leaving?

There has been quite the shakeup at local TV lately in Buffalo, New York. It seems like so many of your favorite reporters and TV personalities have up and left Buffalo. Although there may have been some warning internally at the stations, there is little warning to the viewers which makes the exits seem abrupt.

It is unclear why television personalities decide to move on from their posts. It could be a financial decision or it could be the hours. We have heard a lot of our friends who work in news say that it is not easy when you have a family to work news hours.

Another new reporter is abruptly leaving their job. Channel 2's Brian Chojnacki, who has over 20,000 followers on Twitter, announced to his fans this past Friday that he will be leaving Channel 2 on Sunday, only two days later.

On Sunday my contract expires with channel 2 and I have decided not to renew. However as difficult as this decision was, I am leaving with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for the purpose of what that chapter of life was able to turn into, both personally and professionally."

He is not the first person to leave Buffalo TV abruptly this year. Lez Lewin recently left Channel 2, WGRZ and popular personalities at Channel 4 Gabby Mediak and Mel Orlins both left their posts this Summer.

You can see some of their 'farewell' tweets below.

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