New York State shoppers aren’t just feeling the heat from the Empire State’s sweltering summer temperatures. One popular condiment is disappearing from shelves all across the Empire state, sending panicked buyers into a sweat. 

New York State foodies love to dump hot sauce on everything - and we literally mean everything. Eggs. Tacos. Ramen. Ice cream (seriously, don’t knock it ‘til you try it). And everyone has their go-to favorite to add some spiciness to their favorite meals. 

For chicken wings, the standard go-to is Frank’s Red Hot. Tacos and burritos are the perfect accompaniment to a bottle of Cholula. Tabasco, Louisiana Hot Sauce, Texas Pete - we really have no shortage of options to crank up the heat. 

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But arguably, one of the most popular hot sauces has been almost impossible to get our hands on lately. 

Here’s why this pantry staple has been so tough to keep on the shelves across New York.

Massive Sriracha Hot Sauce Shortage In New York State

If you’re a fan of the Asian staple sriracha hot sauce, you’ve probably noticed that your local grocery stores rarely have it in stock. 

sriracha bottles
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In fact, Huy Fong Inc., the largest producers of that famous red bottle with the green top, has said that once again that they’ll be scaling back production, making the popular hot sauce increasingly difficult to find. 

Sriracha Prices Skyrocketing Among Shortage

Hot sauce obsessives could have luck finding their favorite condiment online, but for a price. 

Some Sriracha fans across New York are so desperate, greedy hoarders are selling it for as high as $60 per bottle or more on sites like Ebay and Amazon. 

Are you kidding us?

Sriracha selling on ebay

If paying that much for a spicy pantry staple sounds ridiculous (and we agree), hopefully if you keep your eyes open, you’ll be able to nab some once inventory comes back around. 

When Will Sriracha Be Back In Stock In New York State?

It’s not good news for sriracha lovers. 

In a statement, a representative from Huy Fong said:

“Although some production did resume this past fall season, we continue to have a limited supply that continues to affect our production. At this time, we have no estimations of when supply will increase.”

This is continuing to be a major bummer for sriracha freaks. In fact, sriracha has been in short supply for almost three years now, as chili peppers have been in constant short supply. 

What are New Yorkers supposed to do without that oh-so-spicy chili sauce?

If You Find Sriracha In New York State, DON’T Do This

If you are one of the lucky ones that still have a supply of sriracha up for grabs in your local New York State store, we’re begging you…

Don’t buy out the entire store’s supply of those glorious red bottles. 

Do you remember at the beginning of the pandemic, when people would leave the stores with towering carts filled with toilet paper, leaving none for anyone else? Don’t be that guy! 

For the love of all that is spicy, please leave some sriracha for the rest of us, until we can all have that big red bottle back on our kitchen counters again. 

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