If you live in New York State, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have something great to say about  Wegmans.

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The popular grocery retailer is frequently named to Fortune magazine’s “Best Companies To Work For” list, and was recently ranked #2 in Food & Wine magazine’s “The Best Supermarkets In America,” with the publication declaring:

“Name a better large-format grocery store chain on the Eastern Seaboard, we'll wait, and rather comfortably, thanks. From the value-minded house brand to a dizzying array of baked goods and prepared foods, and don't forget those ridiculously good subs, Wegmans doesn't seem to lose many shoppers over time, rather adding only more to the fold.”

Since the first Wegmans store opened in Rochester, New York in 1916, they’ve become one of the largest supermarket chains in the country,  expanding to over 100 locations along the east coast and close to 50 in New York State alone.

Needless to say, Wegmans has plenty of fans across the Empire State - and now, thanks to a brand new location in the heart of New York’s most major metropolis, they’re about to gain a lot more.

Wegmans Astor Place
Facebook via Wegmans/Canva

Wegmans Opens Massive New NYC Store

To the excitement of both born-and-bred New Yorkers and transplants from Upstate, Wegmans has officially opened the doors to their brand new location in New York City.

Wegmans Astor Place, 770 Broadway in the NoHo historic district of Manhattan, opened on October 18th to throngs of crowds and a line of hungry shoppers wrapped around the building. 

The new location, which was built inside of what was once an old K-Mart store, covers 87,500 square feet and takes up two floors of a historic building in the heart of NYC. Over 600 employees were hired to help maintain the massive space.

City residents were floored by a lot of the things that Wegmans shoppers in other parts of New York have enjoyed for years, like the fresh sushi, variety of Meals 2Go, and endless variety of Wegmans-brand products on the shelves.

It’s kind of hilarious to peruse social media and see how city residents are reacting to their first trip to Wegs. They’re discovering what so many of us in Upstate New York have known all along - Wegmans isn’t just a supermarket, it’s so much more.

However, there’s still plenty of stuff this fancy Manhattan spot has that will make loyal Wegmans shoppers in other parts of the state super jealous.

wegmans bakery

New Features In Wegmans Astor Place

The new Manhattan location has everything you’d find in a typical Wegmans in New York State - and then some.

Kicking things up a notch, you’ll find a champagne and oyster bar, fresh seafood imported directly from Japan, and a made-to-order mezze station.

They’ll also be opening Wegmans’ signature restaurant, Next Door, inside the store in 2024. 

Keep scrolling to get a glimpse of the fancy and brand new Wegmans Astor Place in Manhattan.

Look Inside This Massive New Wegmans In New York State

This enormous, brand new Wegmans Astor Place in New York City is absolutely mind-blowing. Check out the photos!

Gallery Credit: Facebook/YouTube/TikTok/Canva

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