Here in Buffalo, chicken wings and beef on weck are the foods we are known for. They're on most menus in town and are the gold standards for go-to orders at restaurants and bars.

The other go-to orders are pretty much go-to orders anywhere in the United States.

Burgers, chicken fingers, fried chicken sandwiches.

In the case of burgers, Buffalo is a sneaky great place to get a great burger. There are quite a few places to get a great cheeseburger or some kind of burger creation that raises your eyebrows.

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Allen Burger Venture, Juicy Burger Bar and Rock Burger are some of the popular places Buffalonians go to for burgers. All of those places are fantastic.

However, if you live in Lackawanna, Orchard Park or South Buffalo, there's a certain burger place you should visit for amazing burgers and it's incredible they haven't gotten more popular (although they already have a fanbase).

Stack Burger is located on Abbott Road in Lackawanna and they have been around now for a couple of years, making news for their crazy burger creations, like the "Can You Diggs It" burger.

They also have standards burgers with a special sauce and the best kinds of fries (huge portions, greasy and tasty). They're like a local version of Five Guys, but with a larger menu.

They now have a café section of their restaurant, offering coffee, tea and other kinds of sandwiches, called AJ's Café.

It's a place my wife and I visit since it's nearby and easily one of the best places for burgers in Western New York.

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