I did some spring cleaning this past weekend and ended up filling three large hefty bags with clothes that I just don't wear anymore.  I will drop them off at Goodwill for neighbors in need of clothes.  Next up cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and pantry.  And it's a good time to put aside some of the extra non-perishable foods that you can spare in order to once again help our neighbors who are in need.

This Saturday, May 12th is the 26th annual 'Stamp Out Hunger' where you set aside non-perishable food donations in or near your mailbox for your mail carrier to collect.  You know you have an extra can of soup, peas, corn or ravioli in your pantry that you could donate, and if not be sure to buy a few extras if you stop at the grocery store this week.  Let's work together and help our neighbors in need and stamp out hunger together and help reach the 3-million pound goal of food they're hoping to collect.

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