God, we love stories like this. Really, we love humans like this.

Meet Bob Jamieson, a 'stand-in grandpa'.

Jamieson, at 82 years old volunteers at the local YMCA and loves to be a role model for the kids. It all started when one toddler wanted a “substitute grandfather” during a Grandparents Day celebration.

“I enjoyed it very much- right away I was a hero.”

He began volunteering with the YMCA’s Young Explorers Camp, and also spends two mornings a week at Eggert Elementary School for the YMCA’s School Age Child Care program. “We play foursquare and play cards,” Jamieson said. “I’m a human hall pass- the kids can’t go out in the hall without having someone with them. I always talk to them the same way I talked to guys at the plant, the same way I talk to you,” Jamieson explained. “You don’t want to talk down to the kids at all", according to WIVB.

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