Parents! Kids! It's that time of year again, The annual standardized tests for students grades 3-8 are upon us and there's some changes you may wanna know. First off, remember that these tests are NOT mandatory, and parents have the option to have their child(s) opt in or opt out. The State Education Department released what exactly is knew this year, when the tests are going be given, what to expect, and how the results are being used..

So what exactly is new this year? Well, After the State Board of Regents made the change in last June, This is the first time the number of days students taking the exams will be reduced from originally three days for each subject (math and English) to only two days for both exams to be completed.There is also now fewer questions as a result of less days being given."Fewer questions will lessen testing fatigue for students and better enable them to demonstrate what they know and are able to do," the department stated.

To find out when the tests will be given and what to expect on them, Click Here

I remember taking exams and can't say I ever really understood the importance of them. That being said, I think whether as a parent you decide to have your child or children opt in or out, you should explain why you made the choice you did.





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