The residents in the Fredonia area should be cautious about their water use to start the new week.

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According to reports, there's a high level of turbidity in the water which could make it dangerous to drink. Residents in both Fredonia and the Town of Pomfret are being urged to boil their water until further notice.

This comes just a couple days after the initial boil water advisory had been posted in the area.

The current pandemic has made 2020 a year to forget. However, there has been a few lessons along the way over the last 9 months. When the pandemic began, "panic buying" became a thing. People would stock up on household items with the thought that they would be under quarantine for an extended time or there would be short supply of things like toilet paper.

But perhaps this was a good reminder to have a stash of supplies on hand for your family for other reasons that a quarantine. Cash, toiletries, water and other essentials are a good idea to keep in stock for your family should any emergency or issue happen.

If you live in the Fredonia area, there is going to be water available. Tuesday and Thursday water will be handed out at the DPW on Eagle St. between the hours of 8-11am and 4-7pm.

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