There's one key item missing from your Quarantine Birthday Parade supply kit -- and you'll probably find it in your kid's toybox.

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Magna Tiles have long been fun toys for STEM learning and building. However, these smooth magnetic tiles can also help you affix decorations to your car for your next birthday parade -- without scratching your paint.

Truthfully, any kind of magnet will work, but Magna Tiles' smooth plastic casing make them easy to use without worrying about damage. Also, they're already in festive colors and different shapes, so you can use the Magna Tiles as decorations all on their own.

There are lots of things you can use to decorate your car for a birthday parade. Banners work well, as do balloons. Streamers look great flying off your car too. Depending on the temperment of your dog, we've seen them riding co-pilot wearing party hats.

But definitely wait to attach your decorations until just before the parade begins -- you don't want to lose any of your decor or cause an accident on the roads.

Check out some of these awesome car decorations for inspiration!

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