Wednesday turned out to be a very good day for Buffalo Bills fans. That’s because something happened that we all have been waiting for and hoping for. A contract extension for Stefon Diggs.

On Wednesday morning, news broke of a new contract extension between the Bills and Diggs. It’s a 4-year extension, worth $104 million. The deal has $70 million in guaranteed money and locks Diggs into Buffalo through the 2027 season.

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Both the Bills and Diggs want the star wide receiver to retire in Buffalo.

The deal also makes Diggs the second highest paid wide receiver in the NFL based on guaranteed money. Tyreek Hill got $72.2 million guaranteed from the Miami Dolphins, while Davante Adams got $65 million guaranteed from the Las Vegas Raiders.

Diggs took to social media three hours after news broke of the extension and had a tweet that is breaking the internet. He could not have used a more perfect video for his extension with the Bills.

The tweet already has 1,500 retweets and 6,200 likes through 15 minutes. Those numbers will drastically climb through the day.

This deal had to get done and everyone involved knew it. It was pretty funny watching outsiders assume it would end badly, knowing what we know and how much Diggs loves the team and region.

The new contract also (likely) will give the Bills more salary cap space for 2022. They had under $500k going into today. Diggs’ money for this season likely turned into a signing bonus, which would not only allow the Bills to sign their draft picks, but also potentially make another move via free agency or trade.

Bravo, Brandon Beane.

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