The Buffalo Bills are currently in the early portion of their off-season and even though no games are currently being played, the storylines are plentiful.

The NFL Combine is currently ongoing, with top college prospects showcasing talents to NFL teams.

The start of unrestricted free agency is less than two weeks away and the NFL Draft is seven weeks away. The best part of the off-season is the next two months.

One player on the Bills who never takes a break on social media during the spring or summer is star wide receiver, Stefon Diggs.

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If you’re not following Diggs on Twitter, I highly suggest doing so. He’s incredibly entertaining and always gives interesting thoughts on not just football, but life.

Diggs tweeted on Friday that he would love to write an episode of the longtime animated TV show, Family Guy or even American Dad.

Diggs’ tweet got plenty of reaction too. Over 150 replies and 5,000 likes.

Family Guy has been on the air for over 20 years and is a funny show because of their trademark cutaways and hilarious jokes that seem to target anything and everyone.

I would love to see Diggs write a TV show for Family Guy…because I’m sure Josh Allen and other players would be part of the episode.

Could you imagine Diggs or Allen in a Family Giy episode? Sign me up!

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