To call yesterday evening a heartbreaking one for Bills Mafia would be an understatement.

The Buffalo Bills lost in overtime to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 33-27, in a game that featured a tale of two halves for both teams.

The Bucs stormed out to a 24-3 lead after the first half, while the Bills dominated the second half by a score of 24-3.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen completed 36 of 54 passes for over 300 yards and two touchdowns; while also rushing for 109 yards, becoming just the fourth player in NFL history to ever throw for over 300 yards, while also rushing for over 100.

However, the officiating at the end of the game is what is on Bills fans minds' today, as it was last night.

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While there were multiple questionable calls (and non-calls, more specifically), it was two that have fans most angry today in Western New York.

One was in overtime, when cornerback Levi Wallace was called for pass interference, even though he didn't make contact with Mike Evans and in fact, Evans grabbed him. The official likely assumed Wallace interfered because he didn't have his head turned, which technically is not pass interference.

The other was just before the Bills kicked the game-tying field goal to send the game into overtime.

Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs ran a fade pattern in the left side of the end zone, when Bucs cornerback Carlton Davis clearly held Diggs, yet wasn't called for pass interference by either official nearby.

After the play, this angle of the hold on Diggs went viral on Twitter. It's flat-out incredible this wasn't flagged.

And this angle somehow makes it look even worse for NFL officiating.

There's a sense of "well, the Bills should have played better in the first half, so they deserved to lose," mentality from some.

But what about Tampa Bay? They played an awful second half, does that mean they too deserved to lose the game?

Unfortunately, the officiating helped the outcome of the game, and it isn't the first NFL game that felt like that. It happens far too often in this league.

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