It's a hard pill to swallow for Buffalo Bills fans, that the season is over and the Bills won't be playing in Super Bowl 56.

Many Bills fans could argue the team would be heading there if they had beaten the Kansas City Chiefs, but we all know how that ended, with the Bills defense allowing the Chiefs to go 50 yards in less than 13 seconds, and kick the game-tying field goal, which ultimately led to the winning touchdown in overtime.

The loss wasn't the fault of Josh Allen, as the Bills quarterback had one of the best playoff game performances in NFL history.

Allen had an invitation to go to the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl, but declined the offer to heal injuries suffered during the NFL season. He did, however, accept an invitation to play in this weekend's Pebble Beach Pro-Am, which pairs pro golfers with celebrities.

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The only two Bills players who are represented at this year's Pro Bowl, which will be played later today, are wide receiver Stefon Diggs and left tackle Dion Dawkins.

Diggs went viral on Thursday night, when he caught a football while jumping through a folding table in the skills competition, as a hat-tip to Bills Mafia.

But during media availability on Saturday, Diggs was not happy about something that the Pro Bowl did, and it had to do with them putting the wrong logo on his jersey.

Diggs wants answers on "who did this?"

Diggs also talked about it with Maddy Glab, and he said "we need to have a conversation."

Diggs is definitely having some fun with it, but I would be bothered too, that the logo isn't the right one on my Pro Bowl jersey. The New Orleans Saints aren't even in the same conference as the Bills, do yes, Stefon needs answers on why a Saints logo is on his jersey...

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