It was bad enough that the Bills weren't able to come back from London with a win.  Did someone have to steal Stefon Diggs' car while he was gone?

The Bills have been out of town for a while

This past weekend, The Buffalo Bills traveled to London to play an international game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  It's part of a series of games that have been played there over the past couple of years to gather interest in other countries of American Football.

The Bills left on Thursday to give themselves plenty of time to acclimate themselves to the time change and hopefully avoid any jet lag.  Unfortunately, the consensus is that it didn't work.  The players were still quite sluggish once game time came around and many thought it may have benefitted them to have left earlier.

Stefon Diggs apparently came home to an unfortunate surprise

It looks as though at least one of the Buffalo Bills came home to find that their time away gave thieves plenty of time to steal their car.  Stefon Diggs posted this to his Instagram story on Monday morning:

There is no word as to what the car was that was stolen or if it's even true.  Diggs has been known to post some rather cryptic things on social media.  But why would he come up with this?

Bills Mafia is now on the lookout for a stolen car

If it's true that someone stole Diggs' car, you can bet that Bills Mafia will be on the lookout for it.  They don't take things like that lightly.  When someone messes with one of their players, they want to do whatever they can to make the wrong, right.

They just need to know what they're looking for...

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