There has been a lot of rumors lately about a certain Buffalo Bills and a possible move away from the team.

First off, let me say that in my opinion, I don't think the Bills will trade Stefon Diggs. In fact, I think at some point this season, the Buffalo Bills will re-sign Diggs to a long-term deal.

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But...if they were going to make a trade this off-season here is the deal that would make sense. The latest Tweet from Diggs' brother Trevon who plays in Dallas implored the Bills to send his brother to the Cowboys.

So if you base Stefon Diggs' worth on the haul that Kansas City got for wide receiver Tyreek Hill, a trade to Dallas could be great for the Buffalo Bills both short and long term.

If the Bills traded Diggs away to Dallas, this is what they could get back. The Cowboys have the 24th overall pick in this year's draft along with the 56th overall. Then next year's 1st round pick would be a great return for Diggs.

Diggs has hinted on social media that he might be unhappy with the fact that Bills haven't talked about a contract extension. He has been an amazing addition to the team and to the growth of Bills QB Josh Allen.

Now if you don't like the idea of the Bills trading, Stefon Diggs why not flip the trade around. The Buffalo Bills are in need of a cornerback and that is the spot that Trevon plays. Last season Diggs had an incredible 11 interceptions and if you put him across the field from Tre White, the Bills secondary would be elite.

The Bills could send this year's 1st and 2nd round pick and still pick up a receiver in the 3rd round to help Josh Allen.

If the Bills are in a "Win Now" mode, bringing Diggs to Buffalo would be amazing.

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