In the day and age of social media, more and more professional athletes are taking to Twitter to hint at dissatisfaction with their team, contract, and other many other reasons.

With athletes sending cryptic Tweets there is one Twitter page that every member of Bills Mafia needs to follow.

Stefon Diggs is known for sending out Tweets that are cryptic, make no sense, and/or give people a reason to think one thing or another. If you follow Diggs on Twitter you know that sometimes trying to figure out what he means can be frustrating.

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Now there is help. I found this Twitter account replying to several of Stefon Diggs It claims to be a Stefon Diggs translator. It takes many of Diggs' Tweets and breaks them down in laymen's terms.

If Diggs sends some cryptic Tweets this week, knowing the meaning of those Tweets could give you some insider information on what the Bills are thinking heading into the NFL Draft this Thursday.

Check out some translations this Twitter account has broken down already from the Bills' Superstar Stefon Diggs.  


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