If you are shopping online this week, there is a new online store to be excited about! There are going to be great deals and there are some who say this is way overdue!

Hopefully this past weekend you were able to get out of the house and do some shopping. While portions of New York were still digging out of more than 80 inches of snow, Small Business Saturday was still happening and people were getting some great deals and helping local business. One popular place in Upstate New York has announced it has a new store.

According to reports, Stewart's Shops is launching a brand-new online store for customers. People will be able to purchase a variety of items including onesies for children, tumblers covered in rhinestones, coffee, and gas and gift cards.

Cyber Monday offers some incredible deals. But I have often said that there should be a push to shop online and local. I admit, our family has found some great deals and gifts through Amazon and such. But, for the most part, we prefer to do our shopping at the small business locations around town. Either way, it is a big day for those who love a good convenience store and some great deals.

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