We've seen a lot of stickers on gas pumps lately.  These ones have absolutely 0 political influence...and they'll leave you wondering how they got there.

Chances are, you've seen some stickers that people are putting on gas pumps lately that are pointing blame at one politician or another.  But these ones are different.  These ones appear to be there from whoever runs that gas station.

This one was seen in Hamburg, NY...

attachment-Gas Station Sticker (Brett Alan)

If this was 1992, I might get it.  Back then, people could pump their gas and then come in and pay for it.  That's how it worked.  Unfortunately, some people would pump their gas and simply drive off without paying for it.

But it's 2022.  How in the world does this sticker even get printed anymore?  Can people really still drive off after pumping their gas.  I haven't seen a pump that would start without you paying first either on a credit card or by walking in and paying cash BEFORE you even lift the handle.

Maybe someone knows how this happens.  Is it like the drive-up ATMs that have braille on them?  They never made sense considering that people who need braille aren't normally going to drive up to anything.  The reason why the braille is there is that most of those ATMs are all manufactured at the same place regardless of whether or not they end up at a drive-thru or in the middle of a mall.  They're all just made the same.

Honest question here...is there a reason for these stickers?  Is it even possible for someone to drive off without paying for their gas anymore?

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