Have you checked your bill after you've eaten at a restaurant lately?  Some people have noticed strange fees on there, and this could be what they're for.

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Before you freak out about the extra charges on your bill, you might want to find out what they're for.

What is a "Kitchen Appreciation Fee?"

If you see a line on your bill for a "Kitchen Appreciation Fee" or something that says "Kitchen love," it's normally a fee that goes towards the back-of-house staff.  That normally includes everyone from dishwashers to table bussers and line cooks.  Essentially it's everyone who helped to make your meal taste the way it did, in a short amount of time, and on clean dishes.

Why is it on the bill?

Normally it's a small amount that is meant to help supplement the income of the people who are working to provide you with such an incredible meal just as you would for wait staff.  Many of the people in those jobs make minimum wage or just a little bit over that.  The extra "Kitchen Appreciation Fee" will help to make ends meet for many of them and will then help these restaurants to keep incredible workers.

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Why doesn't the restaurant just pay them more?

It's probably one of the most common questions people ask and the short answer is, they could.  But then that amount would probably just be added on to the cost of the food that they will be providing and it will end up costing you more in the long run anyway.  People often forget that bars and restaurants are businesses.  They're there to make money and people often forget what a luxury it is to have them.  It's nice to have someone prepare a meal for you and serve it to you at a table.  These are all things that cost money.

Do you HAVE to pay the fee?

In most cases, you do not have to pay for it.  It is an option.  Ask them if you can have that removed from the bill if it's really that important to do so.

But as many people say, if you can't afford to have a meal prepared, and served to you at your table, then don't go out to eat.  Buy your food at a grocery store and prepare it yourself at home.

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