Prom season is upon us. It's that time of the year that high school-aged girls get excited and nervous at the same time.

Prom is a very special thing for young men and women. It is a night that you will (in most cases) remember forever. Whether good or bad, it is a special night in a person's life. The stress of finding the right dress can be tough. But in one district, the options may be a bit limited.

In at at least one district in New Jersey, the principal has BANNED young ladies from wearing strapless dresses. They would be "'distracting' to boys."

The parents of a few of the students were upset by this and tried to petition the administration to reverse their rule. However, as I understand it, the dress code policy that is in place during school hours also applies to events after school -- including dances.

The word "inappropriate" is way overused these days. The principal used this word in her argument against the shoulder-bearing-style dresses. Granted, I don't think that prom is a time for girls to look like hookers. However, some of the most elegant dresses out there are strapless. This is 2013 and styles have changed. Plus, I am certain that the school with have chaperones on hand to make sure that everyone has a good and safe time. If the boys become "too distracted," I'm sure the parents and teachers will handle it "appropriately."

And what are we saying the boys will be distracted from?? Dancing well? Eating with manners? Holding the door?