Destroying a snowman with your car could be really fun.  But if you're going to do it, you should make sure it wasn't created by someone from Buffalo.

The story happened in Petersburg, Kentucky but it originated in Buffalo.  That's where Cody Lutz is originally from according to KAIT 8.

He was building a snowman with his fiance and soon to be sister in law with the incredible amount of snow they had just gotten last weekend.  While he's from Buffalo, she's from Mississippi so she hasn't seen quite as much as he has.

So they went outside to play a little and build the sturdiest snowman you've ever seen.  So much so that the base was made of an old tree trunk that was still planted in the yard.  They simply packed the snow around the trunk to make a large snowman, then took some pictures and forgot about it.

However, when they got home from work the next day, they discovered that a would-be prankster may have had a rude discovery after driving off the road to destroy it.

The person who drove off the road with their truck may have discovered the tree trunk a little too late.

Moral of the don't mess with a snowman that was built from a guy in Buffalo.

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