It's no secret that smartphones are a huge part of our lives right now. Not only is it downright addicting, but many people need it because of work, which likely means it's within arms reach of you at all times.

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But how much are you attached to your smartphone? What would you be willing to give up to keep it?

According to a recent survey, quite a few things.

Per WKBW, this survey conducted by SimpleTexting asked Americans what they were willing to give up for a length of time in order to keep their devices.

For instance, 40 percent said they would be willing to be separated from their dog for a month than go without their smartphones for that long.

Evn more shocking, 42 percent said yes, they would be willing to go without their significant other/spouse for a month than go without their smartphone for 30 days...

This one is tough; 60 percent say they would rather go without coffee for a month than their smartphone for that long.

Think about this -- 47 percent said they would rather stay with their in-laws for a month than go without their smartphones for a month...

If I had a 30-day vacation from work, I think I would be fine going without a smartphone, but if I can't, well....maybe I would consider a few of these...

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