Rob Banks Is A Wizard, Dale Mussen Is A Muggle [VIDEO]
It was just announced that you can perform actual spells with your Android phone! I had Clay try it out yesterday but Rob Banks did not believe me one bit! So this morning while we were stopped I had him try it out on his phone...then Dale wanted to try too...
On Your Phone
WHAT?! Harry Potter fans rejoice! You're once step closer to Hogwarts if you have an Android phone! You can now control your flashlight with "lumos" and "nox". For you Muggles, those are the simple spells that turn on and off lights. All you need to do is spe…
Home Theatre Hack
Talk about a life hack. Graduate to baller status without having to drop tons of money. With things you can find around the house...and a magnifying glass you can create a theatre right in your house!
Finally! Jeans For Your Smartphone [VIDEO]'s about time! (A little bit of sarcasm) I will say that it can be frustrating at times trying to find a safe place for you phone where you can be in constant contact with it. And someone finally did something about it!
Is Your Smartphone Stressing You Out?
It's amazing what phones can do now.  They've gone from simple things that could only make calls to things that have games, cameras, internet and can now nearly run our entire lives.  I just got a smartphone for Christmas and I love it.  But recent research from Health Day N…