Let's face it, the best part of Lucky Charms is the marshmallows. True, it may not be the most nutritious part of the popular breakfast cereal, but it's what brings the kids back each morning.

It looks like a new, more majestic, marshmallow is coming to a box of Lucky Charms near you!

Metro Source News and Fox News report that:

For the first time in ten years, Lucky Charms is introducing a new permanent marshmallow - a magical unicorn.

General Mills decided that their box filled with hearts, stars, horseshoes, moons, rainbows and balloons just wouldn't be complete without a magical unicorn.

I once mentioned how much I love the marshmallows in Lucky Charms on the air. When I drove in to a parking lot for a concert that weekend, a woman handed me a large bag of nothing but the marshmallows! She has a family member that works at General Mills and was able to sneak a few out for me!

The news about a magical unicorn is certainly exciting . However, it means that a marshmallow that has been a standard has to be removed.

.... the hourglass marshmallow that has been part of the cereal marbit lineup for over a decade, having been added in 2008.

Source: Fox News and Metro Source News

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