I'm a man on a mission. I want to try the newest Lay's Potato Chips flavor by the end of the week.  Swiss Chalet Sauce Chips.  Are you kidding me?  I'm not sure what I like better - Swiss Chalet's chicken or the sauce.  Problem is you have to cross the border to get it.

I never understood why Swiss Chalet closed their restaurants in the Buffalo area.  They were always crowded.  I remember often waiting nearly 30 minutes for a table at the Niagara Falls Blvd. location.  They closed because they couldn't handle the crowds?

So now if I need my Swiss Chalet fix I have to go to any one of the restaurants in Niagara Falls or St. Catherines, Ontario.  I once actually ran into my neighbors at one of the Niagara Falls restaurants.

I always get extra sauce with my meal at Swiss Chalet and dip the French fries as well as the chicken in it.....it's so good.  And now with the latest potato chip flavor from Lay's it's like having Swiss Chalet in a bag.

But how do I get it?  These chips will only be available in Canada.  I don't have time this week to cross the border.  Can I get some of my Canadian friends to smuggle a small bag across?  It's not considered contraband is it?  We'll see how it goes.