You can't help but ask, "What is wrong with people?" when you hear a story like this.  Two people have been injured at a WalMart store in Georgia when they were pricked by syringes that were hidden in the clothes.  One of those people was a 14 year old girl who was trying on footed pajamas.

The second report came from a woman who was searching through bra sizes when she was pricked in her finger. 

"Everything started going through my mind. Whose arm was this in; whose body -- was this a used needle; am I going to die based on this being in someone's body? I've been on a rollercoaster all weekend." -- Patricia Headrick

There were also a couple more reports of the needles that were found in other pieces of clothing where people were not pricked.

At this point, authorities are not sure if it's a disgruntled employee, a person who just doesn't like WalMart, or someone else who may have placed the syringes in the clothes.  But they are reviewing surveillance tapes to see if they can find someone who may have planted the needles.

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