Aaron Rodgers

Lousy Day at Lambeau Field
Josh Allen at times looked terrified as the Packers brought heavy pressure all day, sacking him seven times and forcing him into numerous bad throws.
This Is Why The Packers Lost To The Giants [VIDEO]
Oh....so THIS is why the Packers lost to the Giants.  It's because you put sparkles on your nails?  Or is it because you wore your Clay Matthews jersey instead of your Aaron Rodgers jersey.  Or maybe because they weren't the better team last Sunday.
My Passion, Fantasy Football… Check Out My Draft Recap!
One of my passions besides being on the radio is fantasy football. I was so down about the NFL Lockout and got happy again because the lockout ended. I cannot imagine being without football. I first and foremost am a huge Bills fan but watch all teams to root for the players on my fantasy team.