Imagine betting on the Buffalo Bills and thinking that there's no way you can lose.  We do it a lot in Buffalo, but in Green Bay, the hurt is new, and it's costly.

Last night, there were Green Bay Packers fans who were betting big on the Buffalo Bills.  It was their initiation to the heartbreak that Buffalo Bills fans have faced for decades.

It all started with a promotion at a bar

As so many great stories start, this one started with a promotion that was offered at a bar in Wisconsin.  You see, Packers fans weren't thrilled that their Hall of Fame quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, decided he wanted to start a new career in a brand-new city.  He was their guy and they felt disgruntled.

So a bar named Jack's American Pub, a bar on Milwaukee's East Side decided to essentially not wish him well.  Instead, they offered to pay the tab of patrons who joined them to watch as any team was able to beat him.  The rule was that he had to start the game.

It seemed like a sure bet

Within minutes of the game starting, these Packers fans thought they had a bet that they couldn't lose.  As Aaron Rodgers went down, fans cheered thinking that they were about to drink for free all night.  Instead, what they got was a bad beat.

They began to rack up huge bar tabs assuming that they wouldn't have to pay them.

As you can imagine, that all came to a screeching halt as the Bills lost the game in overtime and reality came crashing back down.  The Bills didn't beat the Jets.  They had to pay that bar tab.

Is this the greatest promotion a bar has ever run?

The bar offered the promotion for the entire year.  They got one game out of it.  Today the news came out that unfortunately, the injury was a tear to Rodger's Achilles tendon.  It's a serious injury that will keep him out all year.

This could have cost the bar a ton of money but instead turned out to be a huge win for them.

Obviously you never want to see a player get hurt and we wish Rodgers a full and speedy recovery.

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