It's a Boy!
Julio Pena is a dad of four girls.  His wife Kari is pregnant again.  You can imagine his surprise when he finds out that number 5 is going to be a little boy.  It makes him weak in the knees and he immediately passes out!
Isaiah Michael Fisher Is Here!
We've been waiting for what seems like forever to hear news about Carrie Underwood's new baby.  We've watched the baby bump grow and heard her talk about her love of pregnancy and now the special moment is here.  Congratulations to Carrie and Mike on their new baby boy!
Womb Dancing!
I mean, this baby wants now.
We can't really understand what they're saying because they're French, but this is pretty much the norm.
Did your baby do some dancing like this while in utero?
Baby Gender Reveal Party Gone Wrong [VIDEO]
Need an idea for a gender reveal party?
Hopefully, it doesn't turn out like this one. In an emotional swing of events Mrs. Husmann wanted to have a baby reveal party to see if she would be having another baby boy or her first girl.
It was a big deal she writes:
I was so emotional because we had lo…

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