Orchard Park Bear
Orchard Park, did you see any more bears this weekend around town? Late last week some sightings of a bear have been reported in people's backyards looking for food. It's not the first time that bears have been spotted in Orchard Park either...
WATCH: Black Bear Breaks Into Home + ‘Plays’ Piano
Imagine walking into your house on this guy roaming around. Actually, imagine him playing the piano.
A Colorado family arrived home to find their house was ransacked over the weekend by a vandal with "grizzly" intentions. The family first believed their house had been ransacked by burglars,…
Moose For Dinner
This couple stumbling upon a bear finding a moose for dinner was the top trending video overnight on Tuesday.
**NSFW: Language**
Wait, Bear or Dog?
Well, thankfully the first great mystery of 2016 has been solved. Now, you be the judge, what is this really? A bear or a dog?
Ryan Horn works at a doggy daycare in Nashville, TN and texted this picture to his friends and wrote,"Somebody brought this bear into doggie day care...
With A Bear
To the best of my knowledge, animals don't often use logic.  They use their instincts to survive and that's what they do.  So if a bear is about to destroy your kayak, for example, you're not going to be able to "talk" him out of it.
That's what Mary Ma…
Bear In Home
These pictures can be pretty graphic.
Imagine this one. You're sleeping. It's the middle of the night and all the sudden your dog starts going wild – barking like you've never heard before. You go out in to the kitchen where the dog is, and you see a massive grizzly bear...
Walks Into A Bear
This unwary guy nearly stepped on top of a black bear meandering through a California suburb in LA. Experts say though that you're supposed to back away as though you're not alarmed at all. Black bears are normally more afraid of you than you are of them, just give them right of way a…
Bear Attack On Tape
This has been shared over 2 million times and every time I see this on someone's Facebook, I think "that ought to be fake", but now you be the judge.
Here's the caption of the video on YouTube:
It was a usual day, I decided tо cycle in the forest and to record my walk o…

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