This is the most heart-breaking thing I've ever seen. Problem is, it happens all to often. You see it and I see it -- people hiding behind computers when they say some of the most cruel and hateful things that you can possibly say.
Should She Be Fired?
Imagine this:
You're a teacher and you see a kid blowing his nose on others, using inappropriate language and pushing other students.
You confront him and say "do you know how your actions and your words are hurting other students and your friends...
Finally An Apology
“It’s never too late", ChadMichael Morrisette says.
According to Yahoo:
The entire football team bullied me. It wasn’t one guy, it was six or seven guys who would follow me in the hallways, harassing me, insulting me, threatening my life.&CloseCurlyDouble…
Bullying Stopped
This is one of the times I have faith in the younger generation. In this case, three basketball players from Lincoln Middle School in Kenosha, Wisconsin were heroes in their own right by walking of court after hearing one their cheerleaders was being bullied.
Gets Her Revenge
Imagine you were bullied in school.  This may not be hard for many people.  Then one day, you run into the person who bullied you and he asks you out on a date.  What would you do?  Well, if your name is Louisa Manning, you might just take that bully up on his date...
Message For Bully
Taylor Swift has a big heart, something she continually proves in messages left for her loyal fans on social media. This time, the superstar has written an incredibly sweet note to a fan on Instagram who admits she's a victim of bullying.

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