We've seen a lot of this from parents in the past year: Parents catch their child doing something, such as this cyber bullying, and then force them to do some public humiliation.

We've even seen it from some judges, so it's definitely not uncommon.

But, check out 12-year-old Hailey, whose mom caught her being mean, rude and bullying on social media. Mom took action right away and made her hold up a sign and sell her iPod for a good cause. The sign said:

My name is Hailey. I am a kind, caring, smart girl, but I make poor choices with social media. As a punishment, I am selling my iPod and will be donating the money to the charity Beat Bullying, in hopes of changing my behavior as well as bringing awareness to Bullying. Because bullying is wrong.

On Facebook, moms and parents all around came to hail and shoot down the method:

"When I was 6, my mom caught me bullying a kid for being poor/dirty. Made me wear the same unwashed outfit for a week. BAM! Empathy learned."

"How to teach your kid to not be a cyberbully: post a judgmental photo of her on the Internet so people can see how bad she is."

"I think shaming your kids is horrific parenting and all the 'parenting: doing it right' replies [that] this kind of submission gets is very sad."

What do you think?

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