A Day To Share Food
Today is the feast of St. Joseph in the Catholic religion - celebrated on March 19th every year.
It commemorates the life of St. Joseph, the step-father of Jesus and husband of the Virgin Mary. March 19th is believed to be Joseph’s birthday.
Chrusciki – A Buffalo Polish Tradition
It has been said that 1 in 3 people in the Buffalo area have a Polish connection. Polish roots run very deep here in Buffalo. Because of our large Polish population, most of us have been exposed to Polish customs and food. Although, I am not Polish, my wife is and over the years my mother-in-law has…
St. Joseph’s Table
If you are Italian and Catholic, chances are you are preparing food today for your St. Joseph's Table.  My dentist told me that today is the day when all of her relatives will be getting together to celebrate this religious feast.  And what a feast it is...