Tearful Military Commerical
Ok, got me. This was a skippable ad for a video I was trying to watch, and it might be the first skippable ad that I did not skip. What will get you even more is that it's based on a true story!
Flower Girl Daddy
Stage fright is real and there is nothing you can do when the panic attack sets in. Thank goodness her Dad was there to help fill the role when the flower girl couldn't perform her duties.
Jumpin' For Joy
Be cool. Be cool. LOL! I love this video! Mom and Dad find out they're going to be grandparents -- Dad acts cool...until no one is watching!
He Really Wants...
Chances are you haven't gotten anything for your dad for father's day yet. Well, I've got good news for you. They recently did a poll of a bunch of dads to find out what they really want, and the thing at the top of the list cannot be purchased.  Good news right?
Photobombing Dad
The videos of soldiers returning home never get old! I love the creativity too. I'm sure they would be happy with them just walking through the front door, but when they surprise them where they least expect it... gah. See if you can make it through the story covered by abc11 in Durham, NC...
Shake It Off [VIDEO]
Everyone has their opinion about Taylor Swift.  Yes, that is the singer of the song in this video but that isn't what this video is about.  This video is about a dad that's having fun with his daughter and letting her be her.  Good job dad!

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