Chances are you haven't gotten anything for your dad for father's day yet. Well, I've got good news for you. They recently did a poll of a bunch of dads to find out what they really want, and the thing at the top of the list cannot be purchased.  Good news right?

Here is a list of 10 of the most common Father's Day gifts, and the percentage of dads who say they want them . . .

1.  A day with the family, 57%.

2.  Electronics and gadgets, 37%.

3.  Gift card, 37%.

4.  Home-cooked meal, 36%.

5.  Pictures of their children or grandchildren, 34%.

6.  A hand-made card, 32%.

7.  Tools, 31%.

8.  Cooking equipment, like a grill or smoker, 28%.

9.  Sports equipment or memorabilia, 28%.

10. Jewelry or accessories, 9%.


Oh yeah...that tie you were going to get him?  That came in at #11 (7%) on the list.

(Harris Interactive)

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