Tearful Military Commerical
Ok, Duracell...you got me. This was a skippable ad for a video I was trying to watch, and it might be the first skippable ad that I did not skip. What will get you even more is that it's based on a true story!
Flower Girl Daddy
Stage fright is real and there is nothing you can do when the panic attack sets in. Thank goodness her Dad was there to help fill the role when the flower girl couldn't perform her duties.
New Show Idea?
When a tantrum gets a little out of hand this mom tried a new technique to get her daughter to stop. She lip-synched the tantrum. Take a look and you'll be impressed when you realize that this is an impromptu one. (BTW, the tantrum was started because of "sheer exhaustion and an invisi…
Oblivious Mom
When she figures it out her reaction is just about right! LOL
"MOM! Will you just understand what I'm doing right now!?!"
Mocking Daddy
Tell me this is not the cutest little girl ever? She gets just as mad as Dad was getting.

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