Look At The Pic Buffalo Bills GM Brandon Beane Sent To A Fan
Every now and again everyone has something really cool happen and that is exactly what happened to Paul Cummings from Honeye, New York (kind of by Rochester).
You may not know who Paul Cummings is, but you may already know his work. He is the owner of the Charred Flag Factory...
ATH Talks Draft
We talked to A Thousand Horses about touring, their success, Prince's influence and what's next for them! We also put them on spot, the NFL draft starts today and we wanted to know who they would "draft" to sing with them? Check out what they had to say...
Bills #1 Pick
I don't think it's too far of a stretch to say a lot of people were surprised with the Bills first round draft pick from Florida State, EJ Manuel.  However, when you break down the players using only science, ESPN can brag that they called it the whole way.