Chestnut Ridge Park Like You've Never Seen
If you're having a tough day all you have to do is watch this video and I guarantee it'll calm you right down.  Jonah's videos have that effect on me.  He takes you to familiar places but with a view you've probably never seen before.
Dale Learns to Fly a Drone
Over the years my job has given me opportunities to meet people and do things that most people never get to do.  Recently we were introduced to the videos of Jonah VerHague.  In a very short time he's become pretty talented in putting together a series of videos of places an…
On His First Cast!
Last weekend I was at the Eden Corn Fest with a few friends when suddenly one of the people in my group spotted a drone.  Immediately everyone started to get a little creeped out.  While they do capture some pretty incredible footage, they also give off a creeper vibe.
Get Ready For Summer In Buffalo
Clay and I were just talking about how we wanted to be on the water this morning for our broadcast. We will make that a reality at some point this summer! Whether sitting dockside or aboard one of the boats, Canalside has all the things you would want for a gorgeous sunny day...