15 Festive Facts
There’s no consensus on what the best Christmas movie of all-time is, but ‘Elf‘ would have to be up there with the best of them. Released in 2003, the film has gone on to become a bonafide classic, watched as many times over the holidays as ‘A Christmas Story’ or &…
Liz’s Must-See Christmas Movies [VIDEOS]
Now that the first snow has fallen, it's now appropriate to start watching the movies you've been waiting all year to watch...or at least admit to watching them.
Here are my top 3 must-see movies for Christmas!
The Best Job to Have At Christmas Time
I totally overlooked this while trying to guess at what the #1 job during the Holiday Season would be. I thought more along the lines of toy stores, Christmas stores  and yada yada. Not even close. The best job to have during Christmas is….
WYRK Listeners’ Favorite Christmas Movies
Now I know that it's still too early for Christmas music.  I agree with that.  I think that none of that stuff should happen until after Thanksgiving has come and gone.  But I am starting to get an itch for some of the Christmas movies.  I said on Twitter tonight that my fav…
What Makes A Christmas Classic A Classic?
Just like favorite Christmas music, lots of people have a special holiday show that they have to watch each year before they can say they've had Christmas.  I'm one of those people.  I used to watch them for me.  Now I make sure that I watch them with the kids.  Rankin & Bass's version of Rudolp…