I totally overlooked this while trying to guess at what the #1 job during the Holiday Season would be. I thought more along the lines of toy stores, Christmas stores  and yada yada. Not even close. The best job to have during Christmas is….

Being Santa Claus! Someone sign me up because the guy in the mall is making over $100 an hour. So, imagine this: If you worked a ten hour shift that is $1,000 a day. I’d deal with a million screaming kids telling me they want a dog and Pokemon cards all day long hands down. But, what is the worst job in America during Christmas time? Being Santa’s elf in the mall. How ironic, right? Working as Santa’s elves you have to dress in these ridiculous outfits and tolerate millions of uncooperative kids all for minimum wage.

According to the Carrercast, here are the Best & Worst jobs in America during Christmas time.








Best Jobs…

  • Santa Claus – Someone sign me up for this gig.
  • retail salesperson – Why on EARTH would one want to work in retail this time of year?
  • Volunteer – I 100% support and do get involved during Christmas
  • parcel deliverer – debatable
  • food server – TIPS GALORE!
  • candy maker – DUH!

Worst Jobs…

  • Santa’s Elf – I mean, it’d still kinda be fun, until you don’t have a job Dec 25th
  • Christmas tree lot attendant - Agreed
  • snow remover – But, they’re making a good buck!
  • airport help - Agreed
  • taxi driver - Agreed

What do you think is the Best/Worst?

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