Your Pet Can Meet Santa!
Where can I find Santa around Western New York? Where can I find pictures with Santa at the mall? You're in luck!
Here's where Santa will be at the local malls in the area!
Look Who's Back In Buffalo A Year Later
He's a well known world traveler, cookie connoisseur, and loved by people of all ages! After being away for about a year running his northern located toy company, which has also been voted as a number one place to work next to Wegmans, WNY can celebrate the return of this holly jolly man...
Dear Santa!
This is the loving time of year!  Seeing things like this really makes me wish that we could be this kind to one another every day of every year.
Jolene Baller who works here at WYRK shared her letter to Santa (a.k.a Craig Matthews)
Dear Santa,
Horseback riding is one of the BEST things for kids with c…
Santa Grants Last Wish
I have no problem saying that I just cried watching this.
It is humble reminder of what Christmas should be more about. It is a reminder that this is the season of selflessness and giving, joy and hope, & compassion and love.
Santa got a phone call from a nurse that a 5-year-old boy with a ter…

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