As we wait for the new year to start, you may be planning out your resolutions and making arrangements for the party you want to attend. Here in New York State, there is no shortage of things to do to ring in 2024. But for many, the weather is always a factor in their decision about what to do to celebrate.

The weather this past month and a half sure has been interesting. From snow storms to flooding to warm days, December weather in New York State has had it's ups and downs. The Christmas forecast has been calling for a mainly green and relatively warm day and night. But not to worry, Santa can make the rounds in snow or grass!

The new year in New York State will bring about a few changes in laws and paychecks for some. The new minimum wage will take effect and hopefully we see the end of inflationary issues.

But what will January 1st be like and what weather will bring us in to 2024? One thing we do know, is that it won't be as cold as the when we started 1997! According to reports, when the ball dropped in Times Square in New York City, the thermometer also bottomed out at a chilly -21 degrees!

The National Weather Service in New York City says it is beginning to look more the start of spring than Christmas.

The ten day forecast for New York City, according to The Weather Channel, is calling for the end of 23 and start 24 will be in the 40's!!

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