300 Jobs
If you are looking for a job, Panasonic might be able to use you.  They're looking to fill up to 300 jobs here in Buffalo.
Six-Figure Pensions
Data compiled for the fiscal year ending in March of this year shows that 2,931 retirees from state and local government positions in New York are earning more than $100,000 in annual pensions.
Worst Interview
Job searches aren't always fun. The idea behind starting new is great, but honestly, sometimes the process can be a huge pain in the butt. Take for instance this interview...
Major In This…. If You Want A Job Right Out Of College!
The perfect scenario:  Go to college, get a job right out of college, make good money and live a comfortable life.  Sound good?  Does to me!  That's not always the case.  Finding a job after college graduation is tough.  There are very few people who luck out and fall into a nice position...especial…
Creative Excuses For Being Late To Work
Every kid has used some dumb excuse for not doing their homework - "my dog ate it", "I lost it " or the always convenient "I forgot it." When those kids become adults the excuses become more creative especially when they have to explain why they…