Launching Fail
Ah..yes!  It's spring!  People are getting pretty excited about all the things that come along with the nicer weather, walks, bike rides, boating season.  Of course, boating season is a whole lot more fun when the boat launch goes off smoothly.
Wrong Date!
Donald Trump wants his voters to hit the booths.  He says, "We HAVE to win."  So he might want to make sure they go on the right date.  Which is not what he told potential voters at a rally in Panama City Florida yesterday.
Stanley Cup Champs??
If you're a Buffalo sports fan, like me, you may have wished for "just one" before you die.  We all want to see our teams win the big championship before we die and as a lifelong Bills fan, sometimes that seems like an impossible dream.  I'd settle for a Stanley…
This is hilarious. I have a cat at home and I've tried to get him to go after fish on an iPad and he wants nothing to do with it. Maybe if I had a real tank he would care just a little. Check it out!
Baby Filly Falls
Well if this isn't the cutest thing you'll see today! This newborn filly doesn't quite have her legs yet. One sneeze from herself and she's down. Watch this adorable fail!
The Fish Win
If you've ever fished, you know that somedays you get the better of the fish.  But other days, the fish get the best of you.  Watch as the fish out do the fisherman on this one...
Hilarious Kayak Fail
There is a billboard on the 190 advising people to never kayak alone! That is obviously a smart move and while it may be for safety reasons... it's also because if you're alone who will record your melt down? LOL
How Not To Catch A Ball At A Baseball Game [VIDEO]
Nabbing a ball from a baseball game is always the best souvenir because it's sometimes the hardest thing to get.
Watch as this guy gets a ball lobbed at him from Indians shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera, and, instead of catching it with his hands, he catches it with his face.
Major Meltdown
Have you ever been sooo close to winning big, only to come up with nothing in the end? If you're from Buffalo, a certain Super Bowl loss comes to mind (remember wide right?).
Imagine how this girl feels after her meltdown on the Bonus Round on Family Feud.
Bad Day?
You know the phrase "No matter how bad you think things are for you, there's always someone out there that has it worse"? I know Mondays aren't easy for people, but I don't want you to feel so bad about your day. So here are 19 people who are having a worse day at wo…

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