Flirting Horse?
Ever been bitten by a horse? It's not a nice feeling. I have to give this cameraman credit, as he holds his camera steady while a horse nibbles on his ear.
Terrible Driver!
It can be as scary as it is surprising that so many people are such terrible drivers. How in the world some of these people got their licenses is baffling to me. This is a perfect example of that.
Freaking Out!
I am not a fan of flying. I've said it before, and I'll probably say it a million more times. The sad thing is that it's not the technology that I don't like. It's the other people on the flight that scare the goodness out of me. This is a good example of what would freak me…
Cat Vomit
Remember that time that you thought you saw Grape Nuts on the floor and decided to eat the floor...while you were on TV in front of a huge audience...then you found out it wasn't Grape Nuts at all?
Oh...that's right! Nobody in their right mind does that.
Tuba Tumble
I'm not making fun of marching bands...I know it's incredibly hard and takes a lot of talent to pull off an amazing routine and play your instrument well. However, THIS is pretty funny!
$210K...In Quarters
He blames a gambling addiction and an illness he believed would kill him before he built a nest egg for his family for what he did.
Parking meter mechanic James Bagarozzo will now be spending a couple years in prison for stealing over $210,000 dollars in quarters from meters around Buffalo.
Nasty Sunburns!
Summertime is great. Slip 'n slides, lemonade and lots of sunshine!  The problem comes when you aren't careful in that sun.
We all know that too much exposure is bad for our health. Aside from that, it hurts like hell! So why do we put ourselves through this?

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