5 Cute Kids Catching Their First Fish [VIDEOS]
Give a kid a fish and he probably won’t eat it (fish are yucky!), but teach a kid to fish and he just might have one of the most mind-bending experiences of his cute little life. See, here’s the thing about fishing: When it works, it’s crazy, especially if you’ve never caught a fish before. What’s t…
Watch This Reporter Flip Over A Fish [VIDEO]
I was so happy when my daughter held her first fish.  Not because I have aspirations that she will become some incredible fisherman (or woman rather) but because I have always hoped that my daughter would not become a "girly-girl".  That is not the case in this video as t…
The Worst Smell
My brother was being nice today and decided to give me a fish to put in my freezer.  The only thing was that it was a fresh fish and I had to clean it.